The ampoule system is composed of:

  • Automatic tube loading system, model CSF 30
  • Forming machine, model SF 30
  • Finishing line, model DELTA 100 S.

Automatic tube loading system, Model CSF 30

  • Glass tubes never in contact with each other so as to avoid any possible risk of scratching and damage;
  • Single extraction from the pack using robots;
  • Loading unit with a power reserve of about 24 hours.

Forming machine, Model SF 30

  • 30 self-centred upper and lower chucks;
  • Cameras allowing product correction resulting in increased productivity and quality as well as in a considerable saving of raw material.

Finishing line, model DELTA 100 S

  • Mechanical monobloc parts, seamless, made using numerically controlled machines;
  • All components are treated with an anticorrosive system;
  • Maximum flexibility in line configuration;
  • Possibility to manage accessories such as the Rota system, the OPC station, the station with the additional colour rings and other options;
  • Vision systems for cosmetic and silkscreen checks to be installed on all types of finishing line.