The cartridge system is composed of:

  • Automatic tube loading machine, model CSC 18
  • Forming machine, model SC 18
  • Finishing line, model ATHENA 19

Automatic tube loading machine, model CSF 18

  • Glass tubes never in contact with each other so as to avoid any possible risk of scratching and damage;
  • Single extraction from the pack using robots;
  • Loading unit with a power reserve of about 24 hours

Forming machine, model SF 18

  • 28 forming heads and 24 heads for the bottom section;
  • no. 3 shaping stations.
  • Quick changeover time in 15-30 minutes;
  • Operation with power-assisted index movement;
  • Controlled power drives;
  • Centralized burner adjustments;
  • Control cameras and standard electronic economizers that scrap all non-standard products along with the first and the last glass bits;
  • Remote management PLC, Industry 4.0 ready

Finishing line, model ATHENA 19

  • Mechanical monoblock parts, seamless, made using numerically-controlled machines;
  • All components are treated with an anticorrosive system;
  • Conveyor belt made of thermoplastic material to avoid any possible damage to the glass;
  • Pick-and-place robot to place cartridges into the oven de-tension trays;
  • Oven completely made from stainless steel with state-of-the-art insulation system, with 6 temperature-controlled zones.
  • Unloading and conveyance of cartridges to the semi-automatic packing unit, assisted by pick-and-place robots;
  • Maximum flexibility in line configuration